Here at P&P Campers we understand that our customers don’t wish to deal with third-party insurance backed warranty providers with the need to fight to get your warranty problem solved. So, we take responsibility to ensure the commitment of great after sales by offering our own in-house warranty and unlike others it is not a back to base warranty meaning if you have a fault, we will do our upmost to find somewhere in your local area to solve the issue.

Despite extensive checks and the highest possible standards of preparation, with our used motorhomes, sometimes things can go wrong which is understandable with the thousands of parts that make up a motorhome.

We want to take this opportunity to let you know, that if anything were to go wrong, then you can just give us a call and we will try to quickly plan to have it fixed, whether you are local or further afield. We understand shopping for motorhomes isn’t like shopping for a car and that our customers come from all over the UK and Ireland.

You won’t have to undergo endless email exchanges, forwarding of invoices, and quibbling over what is and isn’t covered this is all laid out below.

Our Warranty:

Summary of Cover 

  • We will guarantee the following listed vehicle for the period of 3 months from date of collection.
  • If during the period of the guarantee your vehicle suffers a mechanical or a habitation fault and occurs within the limit of the guarantee, we will cover the costs of associated labour and parts up to a maximum amount outlined below.
  • For motorhome up to and including 10 years of age £1000 per claim. For motorhomes ages between 11 years and including the 16th year £750 per claim and for any motorhome 17 years and over £500 per claim. All claims to include Vat.


  • In the event of a claim, please contact us 02392 581325 or via email at: [email protected] at the earliest convenience.
  • We do require a call/email to be informed about any issues before work has commenced. This is for both mechanical and habitation work. We may be able to help with any advice assistance where we can or even temporary fixes until you can be seen.
  • We also require a copy of the invoice/quote for account reasons, and we always make sure that the customer gets a copy for their records.

What is covered?

  • All Habitation Parts and labour will be covered by this guarantee with restrictions regarding that listed below and accidental damage and damage incurred by a third party.
  • All mechanical parts and labour will be covered by this guarantee with restrictions regarding that listed below and accidental damage and damage incurred by a third party.

What is NOT Covered?

  • We DO NOT cover nor guarantee the operation of any non – factory fit items such as reversing cameras, satellites, TV’s, alarms ETC, unless fitted by us prior to collection.
  • As part of our habitation check we check the operation, condition, and function of the standard factory fitted items and the awning (which is more than likely aftermarket) for safety reasons.
  • We DO NOT cover any item that is no longer available or are now obsolete through age, graphics or brightwork or shower trays.
  • User error is NOT covered within the constraints of this warranty. If a technician determines there is no fault to an onboard system or function and the incorrect operation is down to user error or lack of understanding on correct use. The onus to pay the fees for the investigation will fall to the customer and will not be paid in any circumstances.
  • P&P Campers ltd does NOT cover damages incurred by a frost damage, third party, or any accidental damage incurred that is caused by misuse of systems and fixtures in the vehicle.
  • We DO NOT cover roadside assistance or Continental / Domestic breakdown and recovery costs, under any circumstances. This is something that we recommend you get when insuring the motorhome.
  • We DO NOT cover wear and tear items like bulbs, batteries (these are checked as part of the habitation check) and wipers, tyre’s and other mechanical parts due to normal wear and tear (these are checked but independent garages when the MOT and service is carried out)
  • This warranty shall be VOID if the vehicle is to be used for Hire / Loan purposes and is NOT transferrable.

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